Energy & Natural Resources

" The natural resources sector has a significant global impact on our everyday infrastructure and energy needs "

Global demand for resources and managing energy security continues to grow at a rapid rate. National and global resources companies are positioning themselves to respond decisively. Critical strategic issues such as optimising costs, delivering system and process efficiencies, climate change, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and energy sector privatisation, are also high on the resources industry agenda. Early planning, coupled with informed responses to these challenges and opportunities, will ensure the industry's strong momentum continues into the long-term. 

AIPC actively supports the emerging players of the resources industry. Through our local and international networks, we deliver service defined by indepth industry insight, clarity and a global outlook. 


How we can help

AIPC’s Energy & Natural Resources team provides a wide array of asset brokering and advisory services to all key sectors across the industry:

  • mining

  • oil and gas

  • power and utilities

  • renewables

  • energy and mining services