"Startups Don't Go Bankrupt, Founders Do"

Startup Advisory Services


If you’ve launched a business, you know that the needs and the pressures— faced by start-up companies are unique. The quality and potential value of a company’s IP portfolio is critical because it not only underlies the entire business strategy, it can make or break a new company’s access to funding. We at AIPC understand this. We’ve been entrepreneurs ourselves.


We specialize in helping start-up businesses navigate these challenges and develop the business, financial and IP strategy that supports their success. Bringing together a wide range of industry expertise and strategic tools, we help new businesses create a strategic roadmap for their business, develop their financial modeling and support their IP strategy. We also consult with members of the investment community to help them better understand the value and commercialization options embedded in the intellectual property of their portfolio companies and potential investment targets.


Start-Up Advisory Services

  • IP portfolio strategy and development

  • Business and financial modeling 

  • Preparation of investor materials (exec summary, presentations and business plans)

  • Emerging Markets Business Development

  • Market Viability Tests

  • IP assessment for portfolio companies (investors)

  • Assessment for potential investment targets (investors)

  • Business and IP portfolio valuations for mergers and acquisitions (investors)