Some of our clients and projects include


Valleyarm headquartered in Melbourne is one of the world's largest digital distributors and content aggregators. AIPC was contracted by Valleyarm as its business development advisor to help them expand into the unchartered markets of South Asia, Middle East and Africa. We helped them partner with distributors in the region and aggreated content on their behalf.



Music2Deal e.K. is a Hamburg headquartered company and is the world's largest B2B  online marketplace and community for the music content business. With operations in over 20 countries across the world, it owns over 85% of the market share in its business space. Music2Deal e.K is also a shareholder of AIPC Limited, New Zealand. AIPC performs R&D for our internal product AIPC, researches complex software technology tools for Music2Deal thereby developing the possibilities of deploying Artifical Intelligence and Blockchain to solve some of the largest issues faced by the B2B Content businesses.

Local Government Online Limited

New Zealand

Local Government Online Limited (LGOL) was established in September 1997 under a joint initiative of theSociety of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) and the Association of Local Government Information Management (ALGIM). Local Government New Zealand and Civic Assurance joined as shareholders more recently making LGOL a company that is owned and supported by the key local government organisations in New Zealand. AIPC was contracted by LGOL as its business development consultant, to help them monetise their web properties through innovative e-advertising. We also added value by helping LGOL explore other revenue streams via strategic partnerships with technology providers.



OPPL is an emerging business conglomerate with operations predominantly in the Energy and Mining Sector. One of its key focusses has been to create business opportunities for the South Asian Public Sector Companies. AIPC has worked very closely with OPPL as their R&D advisor to help the Govt. Of India as well as the Govts. of various South East Asian countries specifically their public sector undertakings to engage in a fruitful dialogue and negotiate Technology Transfer deals.

South Asia

LiveSquare Limited is one of the most emerging entertainment companies in South Asia. The LIVESquare team works on cross-cultures to create new ideas and experiences via LIVE events in South Asia. They are known for their pioneering event "ROCK NATION" which is sponsored by major brands and music export councils internationally. AIPC provides specialist sales advise to LIVE Square and develops its business in South Asia as well as in Europe. We help LIVE Square book international artists into South Asian events. We handhold LIVE SQUARE and manage the entire business development cycle of booking artists into South Asia.


United Kingdom

SunSmart Global is a London based ICT Multi-National Conglomerate with an objective to deliver cost-effective software solutions that are powerful, scalable, Functionally Rich, yet easy to install, learn and use. They have offices at the UK, Dubai (Middle East), Kenya (Africa), Chennai (Global Development Centre and Global Test Centre), Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. AIPC, New Zealand is a specialist R&D advisor to SunSmart Global thus helping them fulfil their customers' R&D demands in Europe specifically in the markets of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.



Smooth Operators is a Melbourne headquarterd company specialising in affordable lead generation, sales and back office services primarily in, but not limited to, the telecommunication, solar and education industries. AIPC is a Strategy, Marketing and Sales advisor to Smooth Operators and helps them develop business in the US, UK and New Zealand. AIPC helps SME's in the US, Uk and New Zealand outsource their lead generation and non-productive processes to Smooth Operators who have a large 300 seater, 24 x 7 backoffice in the Philippines.


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AIPC Group, Hamburg in partnership with Fraunhofer Germany, Europe's largest R&D Organisation, partly owned by the Fed Gov Of Germany is developing next-generation connectivity solutions using Optical Wireless technologies. AIPC Group Hamburg is affiliated with AIPC Limited New Zealand. AIPC in New Zealand performs R&D activities within the niche of Optical Wireless Communication for our internal product Schnell LiFi.