Our Expertise

While AIPC is widely known for the breadth and quality of our R&D, Product Design and Product Engineering offerings, along with our partners we now also offer a full range of business advisory services including M&A for the SME segment. In recent times we have pioneered work in areas such as developing strategies to help IT startups expand into emerging markets, marketplace positioning in industries characterised by consolidation and convergence, and identifying new sources of financing.
Research & Development

AIPC New Zealand works closely with Fraunhofer, Germany and AIPC Global Germany on a number of R&D projects and owns the intellectual property thus developed during the research process.

Tech & Outsourcing

Outsourcing may be a powerful competitive weapon for organisations but it is certainly a double-edged sword. When used strategically, it has the potential to make a material impact on the performance of an organisation; when it goes wrong it can drag the organisation backwards and leave it scarred.

SMB Advisory Services

We are helping Small & Medium Businesses having typically 1 - 10 staff and / or with a turnover of less than 5 million dollars assess international markets without any risks. If you are an Australian or New Zealand business drop us a line for a no obligations assessment of your export potential.

Natural Resources

The natural resources sector has had a significant global impact on our everyday infrastructure and energy needs. AIPC has a large network of industry professionals around the world who are able to offer strategic and operational advice to the natural resources and energy sector.

Mergers & Acquisitons

The most frequently mentioned barriers to M&A opportunities include, a lack of organizational experience and a lack of perceived value.

These perceived challenges are highest among new media organizations and internet companies.

Executives from the BRICs and the Middle East perceive significantly more barriers to M&A than respondents in Europe and the US. This may well reflect a lack of experience among fast-growing companies in developing countries that have historically relied upon organic growth.



AIPC's Asia Business Group supports all inbound and outbound investment transactions between Australia, NZ and Asia. We also assist our clients to develop truly regional strategies to help develop business, mitigate risk, improve performance and create value in Asia.

Startup Advisory Services

If you’ve launched a business, you know that the needs and pressures faced by start-up companies are unique. The quality and potential value of a company’s IP portfolio is critical because it not only underlies the entire business strategy, it can make or break a newcompany’s access to funding.

At AIPC we understand this. We’ve been entrepreneurs ourselves. We specialize in helping start-up businesses navigate these challenges and develop the business, financial and IP strategy that supports their success.


We offer advice on music, film, online and interactive games, publishing, radio, television, online advertising, and telecommunications.